What is the FIX Trading Community?

The FIX Trading Community is a non-profit, industry-driven standards body focused on addressing business and regulatory issues in global trading through standardization, enhancing operational efficiency and transparency, and reducing costs and risks.

Who are FIX members?

FIX members represent a diverse range of market participants, including buy-side firms, sell-side firms, trading platforms, exchanges, regulators, and technology vendors. They collaborate to develop and promote the FIX family of standards, which are central to electronic trading globally. By being part of the FIX Trading Community, members contribute to the continuous improvement and adoption of these standards, addressing business and regulatory issues in trading across various asset classes.

What are the Asia Pacific FIX Conferences?

The Asia Pacific FIX Conferences are leading electronic trading events organized by the non-profit FIX Trading Community, drawing key decision-makers and influencers from the trading community to discuss and learn about the latest in electronic trading.

Who should attend these conferences?

The events are designed for traders, technologists, exchanges, brokers, buy-side firms, regulatory bodies, and industry organizations.

Is there a fee to attend the FIX Conferences? Can non-members of the FIX Trading Community attend the conferences?

Access to these events is complimentary for FIX Trading Community members, the buy-side, regulators, and specially invited guests, subject to registration and confirmation. Attendance limits may apply for members, with restrictions on the number of participants from each firm, and approval is required.

Yes, non-members can attend the conferences, but they may be subject to registration fees. There are a certain number of complimentary tickets allotted to non-members for each conference.

Are the FIX Conferences technology conferences?

The FIX Conferences are not solely technology conferences; they encompass a broader scope. While technology is important, given their focus on electronic trading and the FIX protocol, these conferences also address a wide range of topics relevant to the trading community. This includes discussions on market trends, trading strategies, market structures, regulatory issues, and operational efficiency. The goal is to cater to both traders and technologists, making these conferences a blend of technological and trading industry discussions. The emphasis on the FIX protocol does give these events a strong technological underpinning.

Who created the programmes of the conferences?

The program of the Asia Pacific FIX Conferences is created by members of the FIX Trading Community. This ensures that the content is relevant and topical, focusing on current issues as well as future industry trends, tailored to the needs of both traders and technologists. Speakers are selected for their expertise, experience, and the relevance of their topics to the conference themes.

Can you highlight topic areas that these conferences cover?

Some examples of the topic areas include Global Trading Trends, Electronic Trading Strategies, Market Structure and Regulation, Technological Innovations, FIX Protocol Developments, Liquidity and Market Access, Data Analytics and Management, Compliance and Regulatory Issues, Asset Class-Specific Discussions etc. While these areas are typical topics at our conferences, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of industry trends, dynamically identifying and incorporating current and emerging issues. For instance, we covered Cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence a decade ago, well before these topics became mainstream, demonstrating our commitment to not only reflecting but also shaping the industry's trajectory.

How can I register for a FIX Conference?

To register for a FIX Conference, you should register online on this website. We will process the registration, and if the registration is approved, you will receive a confirmation via email. Please take note that it may take some time as we will process the registrations in batches.

What makes FIX Conferences unique?

FIX Conferences are industry-created events focusing on relevant content without sales pitches, offering a platform for genuine industry discussions and networking.

Are there sponsorship opportunities available at the FIX Conferences?

Yes, a range of sponsorship opportunities are available, offering extensive exposure and value for participating firms.

What do attendees say about the FIX Conferences?

Attendees praise the conferences for excellent networking opportunities, relevant topics, and insightful discussions on current industry trends and challenges.

How can I become a speaker or presenter at a FIX Conference?

Individuals interested in speaking or presenting at a FIX Conference should contact sammy.ho@fix-events.com. Typically, this involves submitting a proposal or expression of interest, outlining the topic and relevance to the conference themes. The selection criteria for speakers usually include industry expertise, relevance of the topic, and potential interest to conference attendees. The nominations will be evaluated by the conference organizing committee and the education and marketing committee.

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