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Rehan Ahmed

General Manager and Chief Product Officer - Marketnode

Rehan Ahmed is General Manager and founding team member at Marketnode, an SGX Group and Temasek backed Digital Markets Infrastructure operator. Within this role, he focuses on product development and the digitalization of capital markets products including bonds, funds infrastructure and sustainable finance. As Head of Fixed Income Products and Digital Assets at SGX Group, Rehan oversaw the launch of a digital bond issuance platform that culminated in the Marketnode partnership.

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Michael Barbera

Chief Product Officer (Trading) - Iress

Michael Barbera is the Chief Product Officer - Trading at Iress. Michael has a unique skill set and an impressive track record in the financial markets industry, with over a decade working for the London Stock Exchange before he joined Iress to lead the product vision for financial markets.

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Serene Cai

Head of Securities Trading - SGX

Ms. Serene Cai is Head of Securities Trading at SGX Group. She manages a team covering market structure and policies, and products strategy to drive trading liquidity and product adoption. Her responsibilities include cash equities trading, clearing and settlement, and products.

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Billy Chan

Managing Director, Business Management - OSL

Billy is the Managing Director, Business Management at OSL. Prior to joining OSL Billy has spent considerable time building technology products and solutions in multiple industries and organisations such as SWIFT, American Express, Expedia and Galileo.

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Adrian Chng

Founder & CEO - Fintonia Group

Adrian is the Founder and Group CEO of Fintonia Group, a licensed asset manager in Singapore and Dubai that focuses on Digital Assets and FinTech. Fintonia Group brings order to chaos, by providing investors a secure avenue to discover emerging asset classes, within a regulated and licensed environment.


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